Briefly, what is Wassup?

Wassup helps you to convey abstract passing thoughts without diving into details of the thought. Example: "Fred thought about Nehya", No typing needed. It takes 1 click.

If I think about someone, I can just text them or instant message them. Why should I Wassup?

If you said "hey I thought about you" in an instant message or a if you write on their facebook wall, then there is an implicit expectation on the other side to return the courtesy & say some fillers like "Thank you.. blah blah". Passing thoughts are too trivial for this 2-way communication.

Whats the big deal about a trivial passing thought?

There is whole lot of genuine sweetness in a passing thought. When you think about someone who is not near you, it shows a prisitine genuiness. We believe there is a lot of value in conveying the "act of thinking about someone" sans details. When Nehya sees that Fred thought about her, we believe it will bring out a lil' smile & that is totally worth it!

I don't have time for nerdy stuff, what are those circles in the graph?

The circles in the graphs represent thoughts quickly! Each friend who thought about you is represented as a circle. Bigger the circle, larger the number of thoughts. Each circle's size is relatively proportional to other circles. Take a look at these examples incase you haven't seen them yet.

How easy it is to use Wassup?

Conveying a thought takes pressing one button. It cannot get any simpler than that!

Interesting. I am still wondering if passing thoughts interest me at all..?

We believe a non-commital way of conveying a passing thought can be a lot of fun. It may be an intriguing curiosity like "hmm what made her think about me!?" or a mild smile for "He thought about me during the middle of his hectic day, Nice!" feeling. Eitherways, you cannot go wrong on this one! It is free!

Do you have mobile apps?

Mobile apps will be core to wassup. We are still working on them.